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Courses are held Sunday thru Tuesday from 8:00 am – 11:30 am. and 1:00 pm to 4:30 pm. On Wednesday, there will be two 90-minute sessions and a Panel presentation at lunch.  The program will end around 1:00 on Wednesday. 

The UID experience is designed to enhance and fortify your knowledge, skills, and abilities with hands-on experience to support immediate application into your work environment.  You do not want to miss a session!

Which Courses are Right for Me?

UID has implemented two changes related to the curriculum to ensure participants have all the information necessary to select the courses they feel will best meet both their needs and their interests.

Courses by Track:  Courses are now grouped in one of six Education Tracks based on theme. Not all course content fits neatly into one track or another; use this classification more as a guide. These groupings give participants the option to plan their curriculum based on interests in one or more areas. Click here to view.

Level of Complexity (LOC): Instructors have assigned a LOC: Foundational, Intermediate or Advanced to their course. Similar to grouping a course in a specific track, the content in some courses will overlap between foundational and intermediate or intermediate and advanced.  View each course to see the level of complexity. 

 Click here to definitions of tracks and levels of complexity. 

Earning CPE

Attendees earn 30 hours of Continuing Education Units (CEU's) for participation in the program.  These CEU's can be applied toward the Purdue University Certificate of Innovative Distribution.  Attendees will receive a Certificate of Completion following the program. 

Special Note

Once registered and accepted for a course, participants are not permitted to change selections on-site or “course jump”. To prevent “course jumping” (attending a course you are not signed up for) confirmed session numbers are printed on your name badge as well as on your confirmation and attendance will be taken.

Courses by Track

Distribution Strategy Track
Leadership / Professional Development Track
Management Tack
Marketing Track
Operations Track
Sales Track

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