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The UID experience is designed to enhance and fortify your knowledge, skills, and abilities with hands-on experience to support immediate application into your work environment.  You do not want to miss a session!

Which Courses are Right for Me?

UID has implemented two changes related to the curriculum to ensure participants have all the information necessary to select the courses they feel will best meet both their needs and their interests.

Courses by Track:  Courses are now grouped in one of six Education Tracks based on theme. Not all course content fits neatly into one track or another; use this classification more as a guide. These groupings give participants the option to plan their curriculum based on interests in one or more areas. Click here to view.

Level of Complexity (LOC): Instructors have assigned a LOC: Foundational, Intermediate or Advanced to their course. Similar to grouping a course in a specific track, the content in some courses will overlap between foundational and intermediate or intermediate and advanced.  View each course to see the level of complexity. 

 Click here to definitions of tracks and levels of complexity. 

Earning CPE

Attendees earn the equivalent of 3 Continuing Education Units (CEU's) if participating in the All-Access Pass version of the program and 1 CEU equivalent if participating in the program through the One-Day Pass. These CEU's can be applied toward the Purdue University Certificate of Innovative Distribution.  Attendees will receive a Certificate of Completion following the program. 

Courses by Day

March 15, 2021

001. Leaders Are Not Born. They are Built!

Instructor: Randy Disharoon

Participants will learn the four phases of Leadership & Professional Development: 1) Build Within – take a personal Leadership & Professional Development assessment and begin to assimilate the four keys to develop your capacity to lead yourself and others.

002. How to Strengthen Your Sales Team's Selling Skills

Instructor: Jim Pancero

This interactive course will show you, as the leader of your team, the selling skills you most want and need within your reps in today’s post-virus selling environment. You will learn the evolution of selling explaining why so many of your senior sales reps are still stuck in outdated and ineffective selling philosophies.

003. Effectively Analyzing Your Investment in Inventory

Instructor: Jon Schreibfeder

Inventory is probably a distributor’s largest asset.  But few organizations have a comprehensive set of metrics that facilitate the processes of setting goals, evaluating performance, and identifying opportunities for improvement. 

004. Finding a Balance: People, Product, and Profitability

Instructor: Jason Bader

This course is all about building a profitable operation.  Managers of these locations need to understand how to lead their team down the path of profitability.  It starts with getting everyone on the same page so that the location can provide a superior customer service experience.

005. Professional Sales Coaching Skills - Sales EQ & IQ

Instructor: Colleen Stanley

The best sales managers are great teachers because they have the ability to transfer the knowledge, habits and skills that made them a top performer. The reality is that many sales managers have never learned key principles of training and coaching. The result is repeated selling mistakes by their team and misdiagnosis of the root cause for lack of sales results

006. The Modern Distributor: Digital Transformation

Instructor: Andrew Johnson

Whether your company is looking at pulling the trigger on a new eCommerce platform, a ERP system, or discussing grand ideas like Industry 4.0, too many industrial distributors are falling prey to the temptation to swing for the innovation fences, attempting to hit an innovation homerun, inevitably striking out. This course will tackle the topic of innovation in practical terms with a discussion lead by a true practitioner with a desire to share his story and in so doing help other distributors find their way in the ever-changing landscape.

007. A New Way to Look at Your Brand: Crafting a Story Your Customers Care About

Instructor: Steve Yastrow

Why are most marketing messages ignored?  Because companies communicate information that isn’t important to customers, in formats that don’t connect with customers. In this course, Steve will describe how your customers think in stories, not in bullet points. And the stories your customers care about most are stories about themselves, not about you.

008. Sales Professional Negotiation & Tactical Defense

Instructor: Don Buttrey

Objections will come. Sales professionals must be trained and ready to deal with them effectively. You need to SELL Defense! Complaints are inevitable. Every company makes mistakes – it’s how our professionals interact with the customer that makes the difference.

009. Max Out Margins with Strategic Pricing

Instructor: Steve Deist

Better pricing is one of the fastest ways to put more money on the bottom line.  But…pricing changes can be complex and risky. This course outlines the steps to build a world-class pricing program that will grow profit while managing short- and long-term risks. We start with strategies and tactics for aligning your pricing with the market and your company goals. 

010. Appreciation Strategies to Boost Your Business and Lift Your Life

Instructor: Lisa Ryan

COVID-19 has turned our world upside down. When the frustration, stress, and confusion associated with all of the new processes, technologies, and ways of doing business, it’s sometimes hard to find anything good about our current situations.  In this course, you’ll have the opportunity to learn and be reminded of principles that make a difference.


March 16, 2021

011. Leading Relationships

Instructor: Steve McClatchy

Communicate Effectively, Resolve Conflict, Hold Others Accountable & Lead High-Performance Business Relationships If you are in business today you are in the business of relationships.  The skills of communicating effectively, working with diverse multi-generational teams, setting expectations, giving and receiving feedback, gaining commitment, resolving conflict, and getting others to follow through can be the most important skills you will ever develop as a leader.

012. Make It a Process… Key Elements of Sales Management

Instructor: Joe Ellers

The role of sales management has changed over the past 25 years.  The primary change is a shift from customer relationship management to the need for more focused, proactive sales effort. In this course, we will address the core elements of effective sales management, including a set of specific tools that can be implemented immediately: The Sales Planning Matrix, Product/Market Focus, Target Accounts (and Prospects), Calendar Management, Opportunity Management, and Joint Calls.

013. Tool Up: How to Select, Implement, and Manage Software so that your Technology Works for You

Instructor: Anne Patterson

Today’s Small to Medium Enterprises (SME’s) have an unprecedented selection of software solutions.  And cloud-based hosting has virtually exploded the number of options.   But with the plethora of alternatives comes the challenge:  how to select the solution that best fits your company’s needs?  And once selected, how to implement – without bleeding the organization’s budget and bandwidth?  And once implemented, how to leverage to move the needle on operational performance?  These are the three questions covered in our course.  Learn how to make technology work for you, not the other way around - which so often seems to be the case.

014. Building a Culture of Success: Leadership at All Levels

Instructor: Gail Alofsin

Successful companies have one major thing in common – excellent managers and strong leaders. How do you build a culture of success irrespective of your title?  Wherever you are on the “Leadership & Professional Development ladder,” this presentation is designed to assist you as you build and contribute to a culture of success.

015. The Evolution of Sales: Web Search Secrets to Find the Right Leads at the Right Time with the Right Message

Instructor: Sam Richter

In a prospect or client meeting, do you talk mainly about you and your organization? Or is the conversation focused on the other person and what he or she cares about? Do you make your prospects and clients feel important? Are you relevant? It's no longer enough to be interesting. In today's world, you need to be interested. In this dynamic presentation, you will discover ways to find online information (that 99% of people have no clue how to do) and apply it to immediately grow your business.

016. Digital Marketing Growth Hacks: How to Use Digital to Grow Your Sales and Revenues

Instructor: Jamie Turner

Are you struggling to keep up with all of the new and emerging technologies in sales and marketing? If so, you’re not alone -- many executives are afraid of being left behind while their customers adopt new technologies and change their behaviors.  If you're concerned about all of the changes taking place in business or would like to learn how to use digital marketing to grow your sales and revenues, we have some good news.

017. Trust Is Not Enough: How to Create a Work Environment Based in High Levels of Respect

Instructor: Skip Weismann

Dozens of books have been written about trust in the last two decades and each layout the case for the power of trust, but they ignore the higher value of respect.  Civility and respect seem to be at an all-time low in society and in the workplace. This course will explore the power of trust, the importance of context in trust, and five aspects of trust necessary to make work relationships work and participants will explore why trust is not enough.

018. Personnel Productivity Improvement: Strategic Recruiting & Onboarding

Instructor: Kathy Newton, Ph.D.

You will learn how to take a "systems" viewpoint of the organization; learning tools to identify productivity gaps in your firm and working towards a balance for employee activities such as recruiting and hiring great people, onboarding and training, compensation and incentives, performance evaluation and employee development. 

019. Improving the Bottom Line

Instructor: Albert Bates, Ph.D.

Only about 10% of all companies make as much profit as they should. This is true across almost all industries. The "Improving the Bottom Line" course will demonstrate how to improve your financial results, not just a little, but a lot. The course emphasizes two essential concepts: Planning Profits First and Setting Profit Priorities. The first of these topics will focus on treating profit as the first element of the plan that should be developed each year.

020. Visionary Leadership: Crafting Your Vivid Vision

Instructor: Dirk Beveridge

Many leaders throughout distribution get caught up in the day-to-day and lose sight of what is possible. Great Leadership & Professional Development begins with a vision. As a leader, it is incumbent upon you to clearly define a future reality - what you and your team are ultimately working towards.


March 17, 2021

021. Value-Added Selling: How to Sell More Profitably by Competing on Value, Not Price!

Instructor: Paul Reilly

Today’s sellers face familiar challenges at unprecedented levels. Markets are flooded with tough competitors selling similar products and services. With the commoditization of products and services, customers become increasingly price sensitive. This tone-setting presentation introduces you to Value-Added Selling. You’ll learn several ideas that will help you implement this go-to-market strategy.

022. Facing the Forces of Change in Distribution

Instructor: Mike Marks

The pandemic has accelerated many of the industry forces already in play for distribution.  Mike will share innovative and best practices from those distributors who are ahead of the disruptions.  Change creates opportunities for those firms not hostage to their own history.

023. P.I.V.O.T. - Strategic and Tactical Leadership Through a Crisis to Grow Your Business

Instructor: Mary Kelly, Ph.D., CSP, CPAE, Commander, USN (ret)

Do you know the 6 stages of responses during a crisis?  When facing a crisis, most people remain in stages 1-4 of the 6 stages.  This is normal and instinctive as people move to protect what is closest to them.  There is a silver lining. Every crisis is a catalyst for innovation, creativity, invention, and advancement. 

024. The Best Currency in Times of Disruption

Moderator: Dirk Beverage Panel: Mary Kelly, Ph.D., CSP, Commander, US Navy (ret), Mike Marks, Paul Reilly

Our panelists have each lived through adversity and tough times that have put all of their skills to the test.  Through trial and error, they have each established their own brand of currency that has helped them survive and thrive during tough times.


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