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040. How to Lead Yourself and Your Teams Through Crisis, Challenge, or Change

Instructor: Mary Kelly, Ph.D., Commander, USN, CSP, CPAE

Level of Complexity: Intermediate
1:00 PM - 4:30 PM

In this workshop, Mary will do a deep dive into the tactics of dealing with a crisis, challenge, or change. Whether it is a software update, a leadership change, or a global pandemic, participants Specifically, audience members will: Understand the current and future economic market forces that impact their organizations; Learn the 6 stages of any crisis, challenge, or change, why so many people get stuck in the first 4 stages, and why real leadership (regardless of position) is in stage 6; Internalize the positive reactions that great leaders have when facing difficult circumstances to stay focused, productive, and motivated; Adopt the 12-Month Business Success and Accountability Planner to increase effectiveness, efficiency, and engagement; and Be more productive in less time using the 5-Minute Productivity Plan; Create your own individual development plan for your career advancement with the 5-Minute Leadership Development Plan; Achieve the goals you want with the 5-Minute Goals Plan; Be more effective (at work and at home) and harness different opinions in a healthy way with the 5-Minute Conflict Resolution Plan; Provide helpful feedback in a way that motivates others with the 5-Minute Feedback Plan; Start with tiny habits that create big results using the Tiny Habits Checklist and ebook; Complete the Leader’s Blind Spot Assessment to identify individual strengths and superpowers, as well as discovering areas that may need more attention

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Thank You Very Much: Gratitude Strategies to Create a Workplace Culture that ROCKS!

Lisa Ryan


Gratitude is a powerful force in our personal lives, and it can also be a "gateway drug" to creating a more empathetic workplace. Four simple words – "Thank you very much" can make all the difference.

Research studies define APPRECIATION as "seeing the positives in events, experiences, or other people." However, GRATITUDE takes it one step further in that gratitude acknowledges that the good things that happen to us are often a result of forces outside of ourselves, mainly stemming from other people's efforts.

You will also learn through several case studies of leaders and their efforts to create a workplace culture that ROCKS! Finally, each chapter ends with ideas that you can implement as an individual, a manager, and an organization.

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