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040. How to Lead Yourself and Your Teams Through Crisis, Challenge, or Change

Instructor: Mary Kelly, Ph.D., Commander, USN, CSP, CPAE

Level of Complexity: Intermediate
1:00 PM - 4:30 PM

In this workshop, Mary will do a deep dive into the tactics of dealing with a crisis, challenge, or change. Whether it is a software update, a leadership change, or a global pandemic, participants Specifically, audience members will: Understand the current and future economic market forces that impact their organizations; Learn the 6 stages of any crisis, challenge, or change, why so many people get stuck in the first 4 stages, and why real leadership (regardless of position) is in stage 6; Internalize the positive reactions that great leaders have when facing difficult circumstances to stay focused, productive, and motivated; Adopt the 12-Month Business Success and Accountability Planner to increase effectiveness, efficiency, and engagement; and Be more productive in less time using the 5-Minute Productivity Plan; Create your own individual development plan for your career advancement with the 5-Minute Leadership Development Plan; Achieve the goals you want with the 5-Minute Goals Plan; Be more effective (at work and at home) and harness different opinions in a healthy way with the 5-Minute Conflict Resolution Plan; Provide helpful feedback in a way that motivates others with the 5-Minute Feedback Plan; Start with tiny habits that create big results using the Tiny Habits Checklist and ebook; Complete the Leader’s Blind Spot Assessment to identify individual strengths and superpowers, as well as discovering areas that may need more attention

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