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044. Master Your World: Today’s Game Plan for Maximum Profits, Peak Productivity, and Top Communication

Instructor: Mary Kelly, Ph.D., Commander, USN, CSP, CPAE

Level of Complexity: Intermediate
8:00 AM - 9:30 AM

We hear the word leadership a lot around the office. But, do we understand what it means to be a leader – regardless of our job title or our place on the ladder? Leadership isn’t just a plan for supervisors and CEOs. Leadership is a set of principles that affects every employee, every team member, and every consumer. Leadership is what differentiates the ordinary from the amazing.

In this workshop Mary will share some surprising insight into these questions as she guides you through a session that is a true investment in yourself and your career: Understand how leadership creates a productive and constructive team; Learn how loyalty and relationships affect your bottom line; Realize what most employees say they are not getting from their supervisors and leaders that causes them to leave; and Create a culture of dynamic communication.

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