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030. Market Judo – The Secret to Success in B2B (morning)

Instructor: Steve Deist

Level of Complexity: Intermediate/Advanced
9:00 AM - 12:00 PM

In this workshop participants will learn how to combine these dynamics with their existing understanding of customers to create compelling value propositions. We’ll connect the dots between these value props and sales, marketing, branding, and strategy. Each concept is covered with specific examples of success from the real world. We’ll cover the fundamentals of marketing: segmentation, targeting, and positioning (STP). We’ll show how to apply these concepts in a practical way, that students will be able to use immediately. Although this methodology is not widely known, it has proven to be highly successful in wholesale distribution.

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Strategic Pricing For Distributors: Tools and Rules for Building Higher Margins

Brent Grover

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Experience shows that most distributors are leaving at least two percentage points of gross trading margin on the table. This translates into 2% of total sales. Many companies can ultimately achieve more. The improvement is attainable fairly quickly and has proven to be sustainable. Two percent is the difference between mediocre profit results and stellar performance!

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