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006. Time Management for Improved Individual & Team Performance and Increased Work-Life Balance

Instructor: Anne Patterson

Level of Complexity: Foundational
9:30 AM - 12:15 PM

Next to its people, time is the most valuable asset a company has. Next to our health, time is the most valuable asset we have as individuals. Yet today’s world seems set on robbing us of time on both fronts, a daily barrage of disruptions and distractions that de-focus us on completing our tasks, reaching our goals, and at the end of the day sending us to bed to endless tossing and turning driven by a sense of frustration and lack of accomplishment. This workshop will focus on building a foundational toolset that put us back in control of our hours and days, achieving what we set out to do both as individuals and as team leaders, and regaining a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction in both our professional and our personal lives.
Recognizing that effective time management comes with years of experience and growth, this workshop offers a scan of recognized methods and practices to lay a foundation for the long term. For the workplace, topics include goal setting, running effective meetings, managing hybrid (remote & in-person) teams, and motivating and retaining top talent. And because confident leaders come from confident individuals, we’ll also address topics related to work-life balance, including improving focus, controlling distractions, managing stress, and dealing with conflict.

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Value-Added Selling (4th Edition)

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