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028. Cultivating Leadership Excellence: Collaboration, Communication, Change and Commitment (afternoon)

Instructor: Gail Alofsin

Level of Complexity: Foundational
1:30 PM - 4:30 PM

From the front lines to the C-Suite, “leadership” is a skill that you develop through the decisions and choices you make and influence every day, no matter what your position is in your company.  Credibility, trust, communication, and attitude are traits that you can personally develop at every level of your career. Where are you on your leadership ladder versus where you want to be?

Being able to explain situations and convince others is an essential skill in management and life in general! Your business depends on how your clients feel about you; your relationships are built on the perception of others have of you. This workshop will focus on the importance of internal and external leadership communication and the foundations that lead to effective execution.

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Old Dog, New Clicks: Online Industrial and B2B Marketing Know-How for the 21st Century

Bob DeStefano

Olddognewclicks Sample 1Two big, related dynamics are changing the field of industrial and B2B marketing: It's an ever-younger crowd with a penchant for the wired and the wireless, and they don't enjoy phone sales calls. They're likely to Google you first, pop over to your website, then check out your social media accounts. How will they find you? What will they find when they do?

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