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023. Creating Your Unique Value Proposition (morning)

Instructor: Joe Ellers

Level of Complexity: Intermediate/Advanced
9:00 AM - 1200 PM

The current competitive environment is tougher than it ever has been. The internet and constant price competition require that each business be clear on the value it offers to its customers—and prospects. During this workshop, you will have tools to help solve this equation: Real sales opportunity = Product (or service) you are selling + X. To get the right answer, you have to address several other key questions:

  • What markets/customers allow us to add value?;
  • What specific applications should we target?;
  • What job titles should we contact?;
  • What differentiates our company?;
  • How do we tie the value of the vendors into the equation?;
  • What differentiated value can be added by the sales professional?


During this workshop, the participants will be tasked with selecting a product or service and working through the questions so that they have a working model that can be applied throughout the organization.

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