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036. Max Out Margins with Strategic Pricing

Instructor: Steve Deist

Level of Complexity: Intermediate/Advanced
1:00 PM - 4:30 PM

Better pricing is one of the fastest ways to put more money into the bottom line. But…pricing changes can be complex and risky. During this workshop, we will outline the steps to build a world-class pricing program that will grow profit while managing short- and long-term risk. We will also cover key areas of pricing optimization starting with strategies and tactics for aligning your pricing with the market and your company goals. We review different approaches and concepts, including commodity leadership, value-based vs. cost-based pricing, and functional discounting.

A properly designed pricing strategy must be based on customer segments, so this session provides a framework for effective segmentation. We review best practices for implementation based on the instructor’s extensive experience with large-scale pricing projects. This workshop is interactive with individual exercises and a workbook to help students relate each topic to their own situation as we go. The workbook contains supplemental material for ongoing self-study.

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