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030. Communicate to Motivate & Lead Any Organization or Team to High-Performance

Instructor: Skip Weisman

Level of Complexity: Foundational/Intermediate/Advanced
8:00 AM - 11:30 AM

In this workshop, participants will engage in deep-dive discussions on each of The 3 Primary ‎Communication Sins and explore a leadership communication model that is a core fundamental of the ‎communication style of best coaches and leaders at the highest level of the sporting world.
Through interactive activities, participants will have an opportunity to assess their approach to their ‎own leadership communication against that model and identify specific ways they can improve in key ‎areas as well as learn, and leave with, a specific framework and a script template to deliver a ‎conversation allowing ‎them to exert positive influence in a request for any type of behavior, attitude, ‎or performance ‎change.‎

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Everyone's In Sales: Mastering the Sales Mindset

Todd Cohen, CSP


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