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005. How to Digitally Transform for Beginners: Growing Revenue via Digital Channels of Paid, Owned & Earned 0-5%

Instructor: Ken Novak (New to UID)

Level of Complexity: Foundational
9:30 AM - 12:15 PM

Are you generating at least 5% of top-line revenue via digital transaction channels? If not, why? You have invested in technology. You have invested in Managers, Directors, and contractors to manage the technology. But…you are dissatisfied with the ROI.
This workshop has one help OEMs and Distributors build an operational roadmap that prioritizes maximizing margins.HINT: It's not about technology, it's about people. Transformation is more than an eCommerce or IT project. It is literally changing the internal processes of employees by mirroring the process (and matching the expectations) of your customers. It is shifting the mindset of every function within the organization. "That is how we have always done it" is no longer good enough. It is no longer good enough because you are in the middle of a generational shift. The primary buying motion of thumbing through print catalogs with tech specs and part number tables is not how Gen X/Y and Millennials shop.
Your customers’ digital standards are defined by their B2C experiences. The basics are becoming competitive advantages (see Amazon’s ease-of-return process). If you are not offering these same levels of service, they will take their business elsewhere.

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Rapid Teamwork

Sean Glaze

Teamwork Book

In modern organizations, there seems to be a revolving door of new projects and new teammates.  The challenge is seldom about strategy.  Leaders struggle because they don’t have a process for bringing diverse individuals together as a collaborative team.

Rapid Teamwork tells the story of Greg Sharpe, a manager whose team has been underachieving and struggling with a few issues.  

What he and his executive team experience during an unusual rafting retreat is a lesson on how to become a more productive team quickly – creating a more unified workforce.

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