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018. Building a Sales EQ & IQ Sales Playbook to Create Sustainable Sales Results

Instructor: Colleen Stanley

Level of Complexity: Intermediate
8:00 AM - 11:30 AM

The sales department is often the last department in the company to be systematized. Many organizations do not have the right infrastructure in place to scale predictable and profitable revenue. There’s no unified sales approach, forcing each salesperson to develop and run their own sales playbook. Lack of process makes coaching and duplication of best sales practices impossible, leading to slow revenue growth.  In this workshop, sales managers learn how to create a customized sales playbook for their organization. The result is increased sales, in less time, with the right type of customers.    

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Working at Cross-Purposes: How Distributors and Manufacturers Can Manage Conflict Successfully

Mike Marks

UID Book Store CoversIt takes a long time to develop good distributor-supplier relationships; unfortunately, it only takes a short time to destroy them. Best seller Working at Cross-Purposes, written by Mike Marks, Tim Horan, and Mike Emerson, takes a look at what really drives these relationships, how often they go bad, and why. 

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