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008. Sales Professional Negotiation & Tactical Defense

Instructor: Don Buttrey

Level of Complexity: Intermediate
1:00  PM - 4:30 PM

Objections will come. Sales professionals must be trained and ready to deal with them effectively.  You need SELL Defense!   Complaints are inevitable. Every company makes mistakes – it’s how our professionals interact with the customer that makes the difference.  These negative experiences, handled correctly, can actually solidify customer loyalty.  You need SELL Defense!   Negotiation Ploys requesting discounts and concessions will rear their ugly heads to anyone in your company who interacts with the customer.  In order to protect margins and communicate your company value daily, it is imperative to respond effectively to negative interactions.  You need SELL Defense!   This is a hands-on skill development workshop.  We will first look at what objections are and learn the dynamics surrounding them.  I will then teach a proven methodology for how to respond using the “SELL defense”.  Everyone will receive a detailed handout and a worksheet tool to help develop skillful responses to the objections, complaints, and negotiation ploys they face!

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