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024. The Best Currency in Times of Disruption

Moderator: Dirk Beverage Panel: Mary Kelly, Ph.D., CSP, Commander, US Navy (ret), Mike Marks, Paul Reilly

2:50 – 3:50 p.m.

Our panelists have each lived through adversity and tough times that have put all of their skills to the test.  Through trial and error, they have each established their own brand of currency that has helped them survive and thrive during tough times.  They will talk about establishing trust, maintaining the right attitude, and ensuring you have the tools to stay organized and focused.  Participants will have the opportunity to submit and select the questions the moderator will ask of the panel.  This course is worth attending. 

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Profit Myths in Wholesale Distribution

Al Bates

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Al Bates of Profit Planning Group has spent more than 30 years analyzing distributor financial statements. His findings boil down to this conclusion: Much, and possibly even most, of what distribution managers know about improving profitability is wrong. Good economic times mask this fact, while challenging times make this fact absolutely dangerous!

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