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012 How to Improve Your Sales Team’s Selling Skills (Full)

Presenter: Jim Pancero

Date: Sunday, March 8, 2020

Time: 1:00-4:30 pm

Level of Complexity:

Course Description: As the leader of your team, the selling skills you most want and need within your reps have to be identified and highlighted.  You will learn the evolution of selling to explain why so many of your senior sales reps are stuck in outdated and ineffective selling philosophies. We will discuss the selling skills you need to look for in your next hire. You will learn the five most critical selling skills your team needs to achieve long term success. And you’ll leave with an action plan to help you take these ideas back to share with your team.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand why the older sales tactics are no longer effective in today’ hyper-competitive selling environment
  • Identify the selling skills you most want to look for in the next sales rep you hire
  • Learning the five most critical selling skills (other than product knowledge) needed for success today and how you (as their manager) can build these skills within your team



Jim Pancero, CSP, CPAE

aeaJim is a Dallas based business-to-business sales and sales leadership expert and Hall of Fame professional keynote speaker and trainer. Jim has the leading-edge solutions you need to increase your team’s competitive advantage. A leading go-to sales and sales leadership strategist for over three decades, Jim has been influencing, guiding and inspiring sales teams in more than 80 different industries to increase their sales, market share and profitability.

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Relevant Selling

Jaynie L Smith

Research Proves Customers Value More than Just Price

Relevant Selling, the sequel to best-seller, Creating Competitive Advantage, challenges the all-too-familiar price issue. Many companies lament that price pressure has destroyed their margins – but when customers are surveyed in dou­ble-blind studies, we learn that more than 90% of the time, price is not the most important buying factor. This book will teach you how to uncover what is relevant to your market and stop caving in on price. Without relevance, successful negotiation is seriously hindered. More than Just Price

    bookDifferentiators are not competitive advantages if they are not relevant to the customer.

    Companies must not only sell value, they must also sell what is specifically of value to the customer.

    The majority of marketing and advertising efforts rely too heavily on creativity instead of relevance.

Relevant Selling shows you the importance of learning what is most relevant to your customers, your prospects and your different target markets, noting they almost always require tailored messaging to be relevant. You will learn how to obtain and use that valuable information.

Each chapter is loaded with actual case studies and research that demonstrates how companies achieve remarkable results when they sell what is relevant. Many companies are leaving profits on the table each day simply because they lack the research described in this book.

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