2020 Application for Certification in Innovative Distribution

Only fill out the online application if you've attended a total of three (3) UIDs and are applying for the Professional Certificate of Innovative Distribution. If you are using a combination of UID and other credits please download the PDF application and follow the instructions on the form.

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To earn a Professional Certificate of Innovative Distribution, individuals must accumulate 9 CEUs (90 contact hours of continuing education), with a minimum of 3 CEUs (30 contact hours) being earned attending a University of Innovative Distribution.
Other ways to earn CEU's include:
Trade Association workshop, seminar, or conference that awards CEUs
Professional association (i.e. American Management Association) workshop, seminar or conference that awards CEUs
Employer sponsored workshop, seminar, or conference
To apply for certification, please submit the following information:

Completion Date:
Affiliated Trade Association:
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Completion Date:
Affiliated Trade Association:
Number of Contact Hours:

Completion Date:
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Applications will be reviewed April 1, September 1 and December 1. Successful applicants will receive their certificates by mail.
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