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Building A Culture of Success: The Power of Positivity

Presented by: Gail Lowney Alofsin

Why do you do what you do? Do you enjoy your job? Do you enjoy personal time and the people in your life.

Every day, we are offered the opportunity to recharge, refresh and renew your mindset towards living your life. You have the chance to approach your life, personally and professionally, with a “beginners mind.” There is always new information to learn about your career path, new passions to pursue, new books to read and conferences to attend. Lifelong learning will serve to further your career while creating an active and fulfilling life for you.

One of my clients, who recently turned fifty, professed she “gets to” turn fifty. With full appreciation for life, she produced a birthday party for herself complete with a band, great food and her favorite people.  

Let’s be honest, we use the vernacular “have to.” For example, “I have to go to work, I have to attend the board meeting, I have to go to the gym, I have to have lunch with my client, I have to go to the conference, I have to attend my niece’s play.” When you change the two words to “get to,” for instance; “I get to go to work, I get to attend the board meeting, I get to go to the gym, I get to have lunch with my client, I get to attend the conference, I get to attend my niece’s play,” your mindset becomes one of opportunity versus obligation. Are you healthy enough to go to the gym? Be thankful! Do you have a job, clients, and conferences to attend? Are you on a board or committee assisting others? Be thankful! Gratitude is powerful and the more you say thank you and live in a state of appreciation, the happier you will be.

“Get to” are two powerful words that will serve to reframe your mindset.  Sonja Lyubomirsky, a professor and author of The How of Happiness, has studied human happiness for over two decades, concluding that approximately 50% of our happiness is determined by genetics, 40% by our habits, thoughts, and intentional activities (the things we control), and 10% our circumstances (career, home, life situations). While this may be counterintuitive as we feel that money, things, a great job, and a beautiful home will make us happy, happiness ultimately comes from within.

How to get happier? Focus on that 40%. What are you filling your time with? What are you filling your head with? With 40% of happiness under your control, you can be intentional. What are the “simple” things that make you happy? Smell of the ocean? Mountains? Exercise? Baking? Reading a book?

Practice the “Power of Positivity”! The happiest people reach out to others in an attempt to make their day better. Put your cellphone away when ordering your morning coffee, purchasing groceries, having lunch with a friend. Be present. Notice. In your community, who can you help? You do not have to join a board to help people or travel to Haiti, you can assist people in your own back yard. Volunteer at a local shelter, contribute to food drives, join a non-profit committee. Assist a non-profit with their social media or website development. What are your gifts? You will be happier when you “get to” share them.  

Find things to be grateful for – your health, job, friends, opportunities. The “simple” things are not that simple – we woke up today, have running water, soap, clothing and food.

Only you can decide who and what you let into your life, your head, your heart. With a daily focus on positive intention and gratitude, over time it becomes a most positive habit.

As one of my lifelong mentors, Sister Ernestine Krupa, now in her 90’s, has always shared, “Every day that I get up and know my name, I realize it will be a great day!” Being appreciative of the small things is crucial. Let’s go forward as we “get to” live this life to the fullest.


Gail Lowney Alofsin is an author, speaker, adjunct professor and business executive. Her new book, Your Someday is NOW – What are you Waiting For? has raised over $44,000 for non-profit organizations.

A lifelong student and humanitarian, Gail believes that we all have the capability to be a leader in our own lives, influencing the lives of others to positive peak performance and success. She can be reached at 401-640-4418, or visit her website:

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