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010. Value-Added Selling: How to Sell More Profitably by Competing on Value, Not Price! (afternoon)

Instructor: Paul Reilly

Level of Complexity: Intermediate
2:00 PM - 4:30 PM

Today’s sellers face familiar challenges at unprecedented levels. Markets are flooded with tough competitors selling similar products and services. With the commoditization of products and services, customers become increasingly price-sensitive. Technology has created even more competition and pricing transparency. It’s no wonder that selling value remains one of the greatest challenges facing today’s sales professionals. In this workshop, Paul will introduce you to Value-Added Selling. You’ll learn several ideas that will help you implement this go-to-market strategy.

He will address several key questions: What sets you apart from your competitors? Why should customers buy from you? How can you get them to return to you again and again? What if I told you that you can compete aggressively and outsell the competition while maintaining your profitability? You can compete aggressively and profitably based on your total value and not on price.

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