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Why There Continues to Be Generational Division in the Workplace

Presented by: Jeff Butler

Experiencing generational division in society is no new problem, in fact, it was documented thousands of years ago when Socrates infamously complained about the younger generation being spoiled. And yet, people continue to talk about these differences as though they happened yesterday. 

So why are we still fixated on a millennium-old problem? 

Differences divide, division creates polarity, which manifests buzz. A perfect media tool to generate extra viewership at the exchange of pitting people against each other.

This week, I read an article by The New York Times which describes a common narrative with an older generation (this time it’s Millennial), working with Generation Z. Unfortunately, most of our opinions about generations that don’t come from personal experience tend to come from the media. As a marketing tool, the media continuously divides generations for viewership exacerbating the issue. 

This post critiques a recent article titled The 37-Year-Olds Are Afraid of the 23-Year-Olds Who Work With Them by Emma Goldberg (October 28, 2021) to showcase how a simple article in the media can exaggerate employee differences in our work rather than uniting them. Hopefully, through this critique, the tactics that garner viewership but divide will become more apparent so you won’t fall prey to them in the future.

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