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Celebrate Good Times – and Increase Your Employee Engagement Levels

Presented by: Lisa Ryan

In order for businesses to succeed, the work needs to get done in a productive, profitable way. Taking the time to celebrate small victories along the way is essential for business success.

Just in case you’re thinking it - Yes, they call it work for a reason. However, if you’re not throwing in a little fun along the way, you’re making the work environment a dull, lifeless place. By looking for and celebrating small wins en route to a bigger goal, you’ll form deeper relationships with your employees and they will be more committed to you.

Here are three ways to celebrate your team members

Announce it. Make sure everyone is aware of the good things going on within your organization. Share accomplishments via email or in a company newsletter. Make sure you find out HOW people like to be recognized. Some employees love public approbation, others abhor it. When you send out a congratulatory email, make sure to copy upper management on the email so employees know that you are spreading the word. When employees know that you are paying attention to the good work they do, chances are good that they will do more of it.

Personalize it. Find out little things about your employees – favorite restaurant, favorite candy bar, favorite sport/hobby, etc. Then, when you recognize that person for doing a great job, you know you’ll be giving them something they actually like and will use. A sincere, hand-written note detailing what the employee did and the difference they made is a great way to give tangible evidence of a job well done.

Encourage it. Give your employees opportunities to recognize and praise each other. Not only does it feel good to be acknowledged by one’s peers, it also creates accountability among team members. Feeling appreciated by the management is one thing but feeling appreciated by your colleagues really makes individuals feel part of the team. Make it easy for employees to do so by providing thank you notes or an app for them to say “thanks” to their team mates.

Recognizing and celebrating small wins goes a long way in driving employee engagement. By varying what you do and adding a hint or surprise and originality, you’ll keep your employees energized and committed to giving you their best efforts.

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