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031. SWAT Team Selling - Leading Your Team to a Competitive Advantage

Instructor: Jim Pancero

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Tuesday, March 12, 2019
8:00 am – 4:30 pm

Full Description:

This advanced one day program will focus on only one topic…how to increase your team’s competitive advantage and profitability by increasing their strategic selling skills, tactical account planning and active coaching.

How much control and direction do you have over your sales team? Is your sales team functioning as a bunch of independent gun fighters each choosing their own targets? By attending this one day training program you will learn how to convert your “independent gunfighters” into a “Selling SWAT Team” with proven structures, processes and ongoing account coaching.

Today’s average top producing senior “baby boomer” sales team is difficult to coach and lead, fiercely independent, and is very selective in the companies they sell to and even which of your products they sell. They also tend to reject any attempts to coach or direct their selling efforts. Due to this independence the average sales manager today does little coaching or leadership but instead focuses all of their efforts on merely supporting their sales team with special pricing, expediting, problem solving and customer thank you calls. 

But sales teams this reactive in their selling efforts also only tend to produce “market average” results…after all…you can only coast downhill. In this information-intensive one day program you will learn the sales leadership “best practices” that can most impact your market share and profitability. You will learn, as the leader of your sales team, how to implement the coaching processes and selling “best practices” that can provide you and your team with a stronger competitive advantage and profitability moving forward. 

There will be time for attendee questions throughout the class. An extensive program workbook with sample coaching agenda and tracking forms will be provided to all attendees. Sections of your workbook will include:

I – How gaining control of your sales team and selling processes can increase your competitive advantage and profitability

II – Understanding the four steps to achieving “SWAT Team Selling” control and success

III – Step 1 – How to get the rest of your company leadership to see the value in adapting a “Selling Process Coach” style of sales leadership

IV – Step 2 – How to identify and define your team’s ‘Selling Best Practices”

V – Step 3 – How to shift from a “Transactional Sales Manager” to a “Selling Process Coach” style of leadership

VI – Step 4 – How to strengthen the selling skills and coaching leadership of your sales team   

VII – Additional support tools to help increase your competitive advantage and profitability

You can also learn more about Jim and “SWAT Team Selling” at

Who Should Attend:

This class has been developed and will focus on the experienced front line sales manager (and their company leadership) who wants to increase their team’s performance, profitability and success. Those new to sales management will find immense value from this training but might feel overwhelmed with the speed and volume of the ideas that will be covered.


1. An understanding of the specific, yet simple, steps and tools that can increase your sales team’s selling success and profitability

2. A meeting agenda and four page account planning tool to help you coach and lead your team’s multiple stepped account thinking and planning

3. An understanding of the skills and tools that can change even your most experienced sales team members from “firefighters” into “arsonists”

Overall Rating: 4.8/5


"I have a lot of ideas I want to try with my team." (Regional Sales Manager)

 "Great opportunity to learn from a true expert." (Regional Sales Manager)

"Very good with giving real world things to take back to work and employment immediately." (Sales Manager)

"Looking forward to taking what was in this class back to my office. We are a young company and can use what was learned here." (Manager)

"Very informative course. Learned a lot about how to create an environment in my district for people to be motivated and to motivate each other." (District Manager)

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