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037. Increasing Your Sales Force's EQ

Instructor: Daniel McQuiston, Ph.D.

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Wednesday, March 13, 2019
1:00 pm – 4:30 pm

(this is an afternoon course, you will need to select a morning course as well)

Full Course Decription: 
We are all familiar with the term Intelligence Quotient -- IQ -- which has traditionally indicated how intellectually 'smart' you are.  Yet, we all also have an 'EQ' -- an 'Emotional Quotient' -- which indicates how 'emotionally smart' you are.  People with a high EQ are very self-aware and are able to build rapport and solid, productive relationships with others.
In this session Dr. McQuiston will talk about the four basic social styles which individuals have and then talk about the five factors that make up a person's 'EQ'. He will then talk about how combining an understanding of a person's social style with a high EQ can lead to much more constructive relationships with co-workers and a more productive sales effort.
Who should attend: 

Any and all attendees of the UID. The information in this session is applicable to all individuals at all levels of the organization.


1. An understanding the four basic social styles that individuals exhibit

2. An understanding of the importance of EQ and the five basic components that make up a person's EQ
3.  How to combine the first two to have more productive sales interactions with customers

Overall Rating: 4.6/5


"Very informative. Will be greatly helpful for me and organization." - Regional Account Manager

"Thanks – looking forward to evaluating my customers and selling differently." - Branch Manager

"Very informative. Will be greatly helpful for me and organization." - Regional Account Manager

"Very applicable." - Area Sales Manager

"Excellent class that was very well communicated." - Customer Relations Manager

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