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036. Creating a Winning Marketing Plan

Instructor: Daniel McQuiston, Ph.D.

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Wednesday, March 13, 2019
8:00 am – 11:30 am

(this is a morning course, you will need to select an afternoon course as well)

Full Course Description: 
Distributors of today must do more with less.  With the ever-present demand on limited resources, distributors must be able to make informed choices on how to allocate their assets.  This is especially true in a distributor's marketing effort as there are any number of directions the firm can go.
In this session Dr. McQuiston will outline his 10-Step Marketing plan for distributors.  This plan covers such aspects as formulating a mission statement, doing a SWOT analysis, setting financial and marketing objectives, and then combining the elements of the marketing mix to reach those objectives.
Who should attend:
This course would be beneficial for those with a managerial position who would have some responsibility for determining how a firm allocates its marketing resources.

1. An understanding of the importance of developing a marketing plan

2. An understanding of the critical steps involved in constructing a marketing plan
3. How to take the marketing activities they're already doing and combine them with these new ideas to come up with a master marketing plan 

Overall Rating: 4.6/5


"Today was a good review for me when planning new product launches." - Sales Manager

"Course was beneficial. Important information on how to breakdown a marketing plan." - Sales Manager

"It was a great refresher for getting back to basics. Sometimes things get pushed aside with day to day issues and this will help jumpstart some new marketing strategies for our organization." - Director of Marketing

"I learned a lot about where my company is lacking in a focused marketing plan. I look forward to implementing some of these ideas. - Product Line Manager

"Excellent! Great information to allow our company to build a stronger marketing plan." - HVAC/R Business Manager

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