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027. Personnel Productivity Improvement

Instructor: Kathryne A. Newton, Ph.D.

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Tuesday, March 12, 2019
8:00 am – 4:30 pm

Full Course Description:

Distribution is a people intensive business and one of the most important challenges for managers in today's tough business environment is enhancing employee productivity. You will learn how to take a "systems" viewpoint of the organization; learning tools to identify productivity gaps in your firm and working towards a balance for employee activities such as hiring and training, compensation, performance evaluation and employee development. Learn how these elements should work together effectively toward building a productive and loyal workforce. Topics will include how to improve hiring, firing, and motivating employees, leadership skills, as well as practical tips for managing change and conflict, and dealing with "difficult employees."

Who Should Attend:

This course is good for anyone who has (or will soon have) responsibility for hiring, managing, or training employees.  A good all-around management class that is good for new managers, as well as more experienced managers who could benefit from some new perspectives.


1. How to conduct a valid interview that will help you select the best candidate for a job

2. Improved feedback skills that will lead to improved performance of your employees

3. How to determine if a difficult employee is salvageable or not

Overall Rating: 4.7/5


"This was one of the best and most helpful courses in my 3 years attending UID. Dr. Newton gave practical advice on how to handle and motivate employees." - Executive in Training

"Fantastic course and subject matter, but even an better instructor. Perfect mix of by the book information and real life experiences/examples. I will be taking many of these practices back to my organization. Thank you." - Manager

"Met all my expectations, would very much recommend. Bring back a lot of useful knowledge. Looking forward to put it to work for me. Congratulations Kathryne Newton for doing a wonderful job." -Branch Manager

"The course was very good from a manager’s standpoint. Having a department over 60 employees, several of the interview and performance management topics will be of use to me immediately." - Purchasing Manager

"Very important for every one involved in management. Excellent information to improve performance, what to look for when hiring and what not to tolerate from poor performers and how to handle difficult situations. Great class." - Warehouse Management

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