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009. Differentiating Your Distribution Company: A Winning Strategy

Instructor: William R. McCleave, Jr., Ph.D.

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Sunday, March 10, 2019
8:00 am – 4:30 pm


Full Description:

Distributors and their suppliers wrestle with a constantly changing world of big challenges and promising opportunities. As customers seek better supply alternatives and competitors increase their efforts, differentiation becomes essential for survival .Great distribution firms in the future will focus on customer and market arenas where they can provide world class performance and unique value.

These firms will be recognized by differences in at least four key areas: the strategic position they assume in the marketplace, by their message systems, their operational performance and by their value proof systems.  Differentiation attempts are common among distributors but few receive high grades and customer recognition in all four of these interlinked areas. Many past efforts have led to confusion through complexity.

Understanding the dimensions of differentiation, benchmarking high performance firms, and following a process to significantly enhance achievement in these four areas, will build sustainable customer partnerships and market leadership for distributors who want to be different!

This seminar is packed helpful ideas and tips such as:

Who Should Attend:

Distributor and manufacturer executives, middle managers, managers-in-training and their teammates, who are actively involved in sales, marketing, purchasing and process management. Financial managers also benefit from this course. At least one year’s experience in these areas is helpful for participants.


1. An in depth understanding of the template for distributor differentiation and how can be successfully applied in the distribution and manufacturer market environment.

2. Five tools which you can put to work immediately  in setting your company apart from rivals.

3. Real world examples from case studies and class participants which will stimulate you to make a difference in your business.

Overall Rating: 4.5/5


“Very thorough information that translates across all distribution business types” – Corporate Management

“Very useful, practical ideas that will hopefully be put to use/action at my organization.” – Sales Rep.

“Very well taught. Very good and specific information for both new and experienced individuals.” – Branch Manger

“The instructor did a great job of breaking down the importance of differentiation and the types of value-added services you may be able to employ in your company to take it to the next level.” – Executive Trainee

“This course does a very good job at showing all aspects of distribution and the reasoning to go along with them” - Branch Manager

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