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016. Improving the Bottom Line

Instructor: Albert D. Bates, Ph.D.

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Monday, March 11, 2019
8:00 am - 4:30 pm

Full Description:

Only about 10% of all companies make as much profit as they should. This is true across almost all industries. The “Improving the Bottom Line” session will demonstrate how to improve your financial results – not just a little, but a lot. The program emphasizes two essential concepts: “Planning Profits First” and “Setting Profit Priorities.” The first of these topics will focus on treating profit as the first element of the plan that should be developed each year. In most cases profits are simply viewed as what is left over after everything else has been covered. As a result, profits are never adequate. With a profit-first approach, all of the other elements of the planning process will revolve around reaching that profit goal.

The second topic relates to putting effort where there is the greatest potential pay-off. Too many firms waste their time and energy in areas that do not dramatically improve results. For example, this program will help you understand whether it is better to raise margins or raise sales and by how much. As a result, you will be able to focus your efforts in proportion to the potential return.

Who should attend:

All individuals who make sales, price, purchasing or expense decisions. All experience levels. CFOs will find the content basic.

Three Takeaways:

1.  How to get control of pricing

2. How to drive payroll control in a changing market

3. How to tell the CFO he’s an idiot (make that wrong on some issues) 

Overall Rating: 4.6/5


“Dr. Bates does an outstanding job relating to all members of the crowd in attendance” – Vice President

“This course was extremely informative. It made me see some old misconceptions in a whole new light” – Sales

“Very worthwhile. Brings to the forefront where my business needs to focus” – Operations Manager

“This course changed my thinking in terms of sales” – Salesman

“This was an excellent presentation. The instructor kept it interesting at all times” – Director of Operations

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