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044. Pricing Strategies ***FULL

Instructor: Steve Deist

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Wednesday, March 13, 2019
1:00 pm – 4:30 pm

(this is an afternoon course, you will need to select a morning course as well)

Full Course Description:

Improved pricing practices can be one of the most effective ways to increase bottom line results quickly, but pricing changes are often complex and risky. This course will outline the steps required to implement a world-class pricing program that will grow margins while managing short and long-term risk. Key areas of focus include analytics (internal pricing practices, transaction analysis, elasticity, sensitivity patterns, etc.), strategies and tactics (such as commodity leader, value based, market basket, functional discounting), management tools (metrics, feedback loops, incentives) and implementation best practices. A properly designed pricing strategy must be based on customer segments, so this session provides an analytical framework for effective segmentation. Pricing improvement is not an "event"; it is an ongoing effort that requires a support structure and executive ownership to ensure that changes become institutionalized. This course will show how to obtain permanent benefits and continuous improvement.  

Who Should Attend:

Product managers and product marketing managers and executives, Pricing analysts, managers and executives, Sales and customer service managers and executives, Finance and accounting managers and executives. This course is aimed primarily at distributors. 

Three Takeaways: 

1. Simple ways to improve the sales team's pricing practices starting tomorrow.

2. Avoiding three pricing mistakes that could threaten your company's very survival.

3. The right way to understand and act on customers' price sensitivity.

Overall Rating: 4.6/5


“I felt like this course was directly applicable to my company and job. I look forward to implementing these best business practices” – Product Line Manager

“Practical information to start a pricing model process” – COO

“Helpful tools for me to bring to my job and apply” – Branch Manager

“This information that I learned in adding value to my customers needs was priceless!” – Sales Manager

“This class helped me understand situational pricing and aggressive selling” – Sales

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