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030. Improving Profitability Thru Joint Sales Calls ***FULL

Instructor: Joseph C. Ellers

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Tuesday, March 12, 2019

1:00 pm – 4:30 pm

(this is an afternoon course, you will need to select a morning course as well)

Full Course Description: 

The joint sales call is the only "quality" check that exists for sales managers.  You can have a great strategy, a great plan, and trained people and still not get the results you want because the "field execution" is just not there.  The only way to see if the right things are taking place is to go to the field (or to the inside sales desk) and find out.

In this program, we will discuss the proper ways to make joint calls with both field and inside sales professionals.   As with other sales approaches, the goal is to make this into a repeatable process so that we can help the team to improve over time.

Who Should Attend:

Primarily distributor owners and Sales Managers


  1. A sales call schedule
  2. A formal scoring system for each sales day
  3. A simple, but effective process for debriefing the sales calls

Overall Rating: 4.6/5


"This has armed me with the confidence and knowledge to effectively make joint calls." - Branch Manager

“Helped me structure the chaos of trying to improve sales calls.” - General Manager

"Very helpful on how to improve the use of joint sales calls. " - Regional Sales Manager

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